Submitting Images

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This is where you submit images for competitions.
Images must be

greater than 500 pixels on each side

no wider than 1920 pixels

no higher than 1080 pixels

in jpg format (72dpi)

no more than 4Mb in size


Suggestion_16x16 The name of the file is no longer important, the Image Title is what the judge will see and what is displayed on the competition night.


An example might look like this




Suggestion_16x16If your images is awarded an honours then it is automatically included in the honours slideshow for the following month and on the galleries page. If you would rather that your image was not included simply tick the option  -Withhold image from public web galleries.


When you are happy you have your details correct click on upload. Make sure you enter the correct competition and category. You can retract an image and resubmit another as many times as you like at any point upto the competition deadline. After the deadline there is no way to change this, so if you get it wrong and enter an open image as set it may get passed in by the judge as not relevant to the subject.


If all goes well you will see the Upload Successful message and soon after you will get a confirmation email.




If there is a problem with your image you will see an error something like this



Wrong size images



The website checks the image is within the allowed dimensions and file size. If your image fails you will see a prompt explaining the problem.