Sending Bulk Emails

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Please READ carefully


On the members profile page the Intraclub email has now gone – we tend to all use Facebook.


It has been replaced with “Opt out” of club emails, allowing our members to opt out of some club email


This therefore changes the way that the email members screen works




You now have 2 options


1.    Send to Everyone

I see this as being used for everything like, competitions reminders, APS workshops and outings

2.    Send to Subscribers

For emails regarding external stuff, workshops and competitions run by other clubs and organisations



You can set a filter in the members tab and only these members will be emailed - if you are using send to subscribers.


Suggestion_16x16Send to Everyone always send to every Active member


Suggestion_16x16 Important

NZ law allows people the right to opt out of email. However, if they are a member or trading partner you have the right to email them if you have specified that as your communication method. Where people fall foul is that they use that for spamming with content that is related by not key to the original agreement. That said even if someone complained then we have lots of chances before it would ever be a formal complaint with the ombudsman and even then their first action is to ask us to stop. And we just don’t send enough email to every get them interested.


I would suggest you just use common sense, will EVERYONE need this email? Yes then use option1. No not everyone, use option 2