Adding Posts

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When loading events competitions etc you will often feel tempted to copy and paste your content from other sources etc (typically Word or Outlook). Pretty much every blog in the world has this problem. Those other applications tend to store their content as rich text (RTF) and the web needs to store it as html so there is a lot of redundant formatting that comes across and makes a mess of the format.


For this reason we have a special button Paste form Word. This removes the unwanted formatting.





You can also select everything (Ctrl+A) and choose to delete formatting. Ideally you want to copy and paste pure text.


Then use the web formatting as that will use the styling form the web site. So if you want a bold larger heading line choose a style to suit




The styles allows you to preview what it will look like but the editor page won’t, so just accept that you will type it into the editor and that it uses the web theme to do the display. This is because some websites allow multiple styles and themes so there’s no point trying to do true WSIWYG editing as we cannot safely predict what that will be. If you use the styles etc and keep the formatting simple it will look better as it can apply the website theme and it will look more consistent.


Uploading PDFs

You can now upload files such as pdfs


Click the upload tab and click Browse to choose a file




Then click upload – much like uploading a competition image


Once uploaded you get a prompt that the upload completed.

You can now link to that file in the editor but first you need to know the link / address. Click on the Gallery tab to see the list of files available (they can be reused)


Click on a file and choose Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard. You will usually see a prompt like this



Click Allow, that’s just the browser trying to protect you from viruses and hackers etc. The web confirms the action completed like this



Now that you have a link you can paste it into your document in the editor like this


Select where you want the link and click on the link button






and paste (Ctrl+V) the link into the URL and choose Open in new window for things like a PDF.







And that’s all there is to it.